Crimson Roc (クリムゾン・ロック Kurimuzon rokku) are a recurring species of monsters in the Arc The Lad Series that can be found in various locations They are the stronger version of the Roc, Crimson Roc is No. 68 in the Monster Society Card Catalog in Arc The Lad III.

Catalog Entry Edit

Violent like the Roc. its victims become unable to speak upon seeing its eyes flash.

Anatomy Edit

Crimson Roc are massive birds with a large wingspan. It is identical to its weaker sister species Roc. It has large intimidating talons which it uses to attack its prey and will roost on in air before striking at its foe with high speed. According to the card catalog entry its flashing eyes will silence its opponents.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Crimson Roc attack from close range with high attack power and speed. The creatures are known for using debilitating status effects.


Hypno EyesEdit

This ability causes a silence effect to a party member.