Darc Main
Game Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
Gender Male
Age 17
Weapon Sword
Race Half Drakyr (Deimos), Half Human
Voice Actor (JP) Kenichi Suzumura
Voice Actor (ENG) Carlos Alazraqui

Darc (Japanese: ダーク Dāku) is a recurring character in the Arc The Lad series. He is one of the main protagonists in Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits.

He is a human-deimos half breed and spent some of his infant years living among Humans. He was once the leader of the of the Orcon tribe, a title he took by force by killing Densimo in combat. Due to his actions to prevent the destruction of the Deimos, he gained the title "King Of The Deimos" (魔族の王 Mazoku no ō).

He is the lead protagonist of Darc's Story, one of the games main story lines. He is considered one of the Heroes of the world and is also responsible for helping to bring peace among the Human and Deimos races.

Darc appears in Arc The Lad: End Of Darkness as a Character Card.

Personality Edit

Initially Darc believes he can save the Deimos with peaceful intentions and looks at life with a sort of childlike naivety. He showed care to others and gave them the benefit of the doubt including the Orcon who once called him a "wannabe Deimos" even to Geedo his adoptive guardian who tortured him for years, he shows uncharacteristic loyalty doing her errands and refusing to stand up for himself.

After an ambush by Densimo and Geedo he accepts that Deimos only listen to strength and the only way to save them is through force. With this new mentality Darc becomes the cold and sometimes brutal leader of the Orcon tribe .Making emotionless comments about how he killed Densimo to Delma, which leads to her actively plotting to kill him.


Darc traveled with his father across Aldrow. They stop to rest at the Church Ruins, where Windalf presents him with the Wind Stone just before his sudden death. Lost and without food or shelter, he wandered to Orcoth where Geedo found him, made him a slave, and tortured him for years.

Darc as a Child

Darc as a child receiving the windstone.