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Densimo was a minor antagonist in Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits. He was the chief of the Orcon tribe before Darc takes his place after killing him. He is also the elder brother of Delma and is a temporary party member of Darc's Party.

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Densimo is a large and burly Orcon of the Orcon tribe. He is light skinned and has short dark hair and his expression remains mostly constantly in anger. He is very tall standing at about six feet tall. He has a considerable weight as can be told by the size of his gut but this also adds to his stature allowing him to be larger than most and also intimidating.


Densimo was born in the village of Orcoth into the Orcon tribe. His parents were killed at an early age by Humans of which made him an orphan at a very young age with his sister Delma. The two spent much much time playing in the ruins outside of Orcoth however, Densimo was not always kind often finding himself in a foul temper he was even sometimes violent towards Delma attacking her. The tribe leader Gorma became an early mentor to Densimo and became a father figure to him.

At some point in time during his young life Densimo became a warrior of the Orcon tribe and was eventually considered to be the strongest amongst the tribe he would become the tribe's leader a title he took from former Orcon leader Gorma.

During the beginning of Darc's Story, when Darc is visiting Orcoth to buy Phoenix Blood for Geedo, he enters the Orcoth Arena where Gorma is confronting Densimo. Gorma tells Densimo how foolish his ideas and that it is simply a myth Densimo responds by grabbing him by the neck and throwing him.

When Darc returns to Orcoth after fighting humans in the Church Ruins, Delma convinces Densimo to help Darc fight the Drakyr. Densimo agrees but only if Darc helps him take out the humans first. Following the defeat of the humans, Densimo begins to acknowledge Darc as a strong Deimos and offers him to conquer more land with him.

       After promising Darc to make Geedo free him, Densimo & gang stumble upon her tied up to a tree in Varren Barrem. After fighting some monsters, Densimo was knocked unconscious along with Darc & Delma. After regaining consciousness, Geedo helps him find the Drakyr that attacked him. Upon finding them at the Church Ruins, he betrayed Darc and ate his Firble. This enraged Darc, and Denismo grabbed him by the neck and threw him as well. Darc would battle him Geedo and the Drakyr killing Densimo in the process and taking his throne as king of the Orcon.

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Densimo forms an alliance with Geedo during Awakening in order to plot against Darc in order to kill him to collect Firbles with her.

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As the leader of the Orcon tribe and proving himself the strongest the Orcoth Warriors fought for Densimo and also helped him by opearating and competing in the Orcoth Arena.






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