G-Craft (ジークラフト Jīkurafuto) was a Japanese video game developer founded in 1994. They are mostly notable for developing the first two Arc The Lad video games.[1]

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G-Craft was founded in 1994 in Japan. They focused their first development on a Super Nintendo Tactical RPG Front Mission which released on February 24, 1995 the game was a success.

They began developing their second game Arc The Lad in order to help Sony bring a wider RPG audience to the platform it would be another Tactical RPG game. Arc The Lad released on June 30, 1995 this game also proved to be a success.

After the success of Arc The Lad they began working on a sequel. Arc The Lad II released on November 1, 1996. They also developed and released a spin-off title Arc Arena: Monster Tournament on July 31, 1997

In 1997 G-Craft began development on Front Mission 2 it released on September 25, 1997. This would be the final game they developed as a company.

With the success of the Front Mission games Square Enix offered to merge with G-Craft in 1997 and they accepted. G-craft became a member of the Square Enix development division. [2]

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