Ghost House Ruin Town (ゴーストハウスの遺跡タウン, Gōsutohausu no iseki taun) is a Job in Arc The Lad II. It can be found at the Indigos Guild.

Description Edit

In Ruin Town, there is a house where a child was killed long ago. The house is rumored to be haunted by a ghost that scares kids who play nearby. Client requests the ghost or ghosts be exterminated.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Accept the job from the Guild in Indigos.
  2. Leave Indigos and enter Ruin Town, once you enter Elc will notice the haunted house and point the way to enter the house.
  3. When you enter Elc will be alerted by monsters, go towards the stairs and Elc will recieve a warning from a spirit.
  4. Proceed up the stairs and make your way to the corner and you see a boy and a monster, talk to the boy.
  5. The monster will become angry after the boys admits desecrating the dead and will transform a battle will begin.
  6. In this battle you should focus on taking out Baldol in the center first. While dealing with the Elementals surrounding himRemember Liezia's cure. When you manage to kill Baldol the elementals will disappear.
  7. After the battle is complete a scene will play and the boy will pass on. Return to Indigos for your bounty

Battle Info Edit

  • Baldol Lvl 8
  • x4 Lvl 7 Elemental

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