Gogen is the "ancient book" which Arc's father sent him to find. Gogen has been around for at least 3,000 years, and he has quite a bit of knowledge about the world of Arc I. He is generally a silly person, serving as the witty comic relief of the game. It is later revealed that Gogen was one of the original “Seven Braves” (the current ones being the playable characters of Arc I), warriors that fight to prevent the Dark One from creating chaos in the world. Gogen is a mage, and thus his strongest attacks are his magic attacks.

Arc the Lad 2Edit

Gogen first appears in the game alongside Arc and the rest of the gang in their fight against Romalia. He joins Lieza later in her attempt to find out what happened to her village, Holn, and its citizens since she was taken by the Chimera Lab who were interested in Lieza's ability to speak with beasts.

When no one in Ramul seems willing to help Lieza with moving the rock that blocked the entrance to Holn, she's captured by the police who actually are the Chimera Lab group. Lieza is then captured and thrown into prison where she meets with Gogon, who was also captured by the Chimera Lab but does not seem wary of their misfortunate situation. Later, the boy Lieza rescued from a gang of monsters, Leets, infiltrated the prison through the sewers and releases Gogon and Lieze from their cells.

Gogon then helps Lieza with removing the rock blocking the pathway into Holn by using his magic and the two find out all the villagers are gone due to the Chimera Lab keeping them locked up in order find out more about their ability to speak with beasts. Lieza goes into the Chimera Labs base with Gogon's assitance, resulting in them rescuing the villagers and blowing up one of the Chimera Labs headquarters.

Gogon and Lieza decide to rejoin with Arc and the rest and help them fight against Romalia.