Gorma (春 Haru) is a Ocrcon form Orcoth. He was also once the leader of the Orcon Tribe he gained his status for his incredible wisdom and intellect he remains to be one of the oldest living Ocrcon. He chose Densimo to succeed him as the Orcon Tribe leader a decision he would later go on to regret.

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Gorma is the eldest Orcon living in Orcoth. He was alive during the original settlement of Orcoth, Gorma is eventually chosen as the leader of the Orcon Tribe. His appointment was unconditional as mostly leaders of the Orcon are chosen based on a pure show of force. Gorma, although was chosen for his leadership skills and wisdom as opposed to pure strength.

During his time as leader Gorma takes two orphaned siblings under his wing, Densimo and Delma. During their development he becomes a father figure to the siblings and teaches Densimo his philosophy for leadership however, Gorma has a hard time getting through Densimos extreme temper. Eventually when they are older Gorma entrusts the leadership of the Orcon to Densimo ans steps down.

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During Darc's visit to Orcoth to buy Phoenix Blood for Geedo, Gorma is first encountered in the Orcoth Arena. Gorma is arguing with Densimo, he complains that the Orcon tradition of eating Firbles to improve strength is foolish. He argues that if a Firble were raised properly that they could be used to harness the power of flight and travel to other continents. The argument only angers Densimo who throws Gorma against the ground exclaiming that he is now the Orcon leader and tells Gorma to leave.

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