Goz (ござ Gozde) were the main unit of currency used in the Old World. They were primarily obtained for completing jobs at the Hunter's Guilds located throughout the world. They were most commonly used to purchase items or weapons or to stay at inns located throughout the world and to also upgrade equipment at blacksmith shops.

Uses Edit

The most primary use for Goz were in shops around the world. Goz were used to purchase a variety of items and equipment from shops for a varying price the most common and popular items were consumable items such as healing Herbs or Revival Tonics and also a variety of status healing items as well. Equipment could also be purchased the most common types were weapons, accessories and armor.

Goz were also very commonly used all over the world to stay at inns to rest. Inns mostly always charged 100 Goz in order to stay for a night.

Goz were also commonly used at Blacksmith's throughout the world. Blacksmiths would charge to Judge an item, improve an item or to add an item effect. The cost of this service would vary upon the blacksmiths skill, the item being used and the effect that was being added.

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