Hunters (ハンター Hantā) is an organization consisting of hired mercenaries to perform common tasks and to protect innocents. The organization began as a very loosely based unorganized anarchistic type of vigilante police force allowing almost anyone to join. After the events of The Great Calamity the hunters organization becomes the primary world police force and develops organization through a ranking system and an entrance exam. The hunters operate out of guilds located throughout the world this is where various hunters can accept tasks and citizens can also request tasks, more urgent tasks can be completed by volunteers almost immediately.

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The duties of a hunter vary on different situations, it always depends on the job they are tasked with however, in most cases Hunters are usually in charge of protecting civilians or exterminating monsters. They can also be tasked with very specific jobs from their local Guilds that require more work and planning these types can range from anything from stopping break-ins or even stopping large militias from attacking innocent civilians.

Hunters mostly always end up performing one of these tasks:

  • Bounty Hunting
  • Guild Jobs

Most Hunters often operate alone performing Jobs by themselves however some may also travel in parties in order to increase their size in numbers it helps them when completing whatever job they may be attempting, they may even travel with others who are not Hunters themselves while on a job.

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