Game Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
Gender Male
Age 17
Weapon Sword
Race Half Human, Half Drakyr (Deimos)
Voice Actor (JP) Kenji Nojima
Voice Actor (ENG) Quinton Flynn

Kharg Meleol Nidellia (Japanese: カーグ・メレオル・ニーデリア Kāgu Mereoru Nīderia) is the commander of the Defense Corps in Yewbell. He was the crowned prince of Yewbell from his birth until the dissolvement of the Nidellian Monarchy. He was separated from his brother and his father as an infant. Kharg was trained in combat and swordplay by the former Defense Corps commander Lloyd.

Beginning in his early adulthood Kharg's skills in combat had improved so much that he could easily defeat Lloyd in sparring matches. After Lloyd's death Kharg became the new commander of the Defense Corps and took the responsibilities along with it. These new responsibilities would push Kharg on the path of solving major problems faced by Humans.

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Kharg was born in Yewbell, born into royal lineage of the Nidellian Monarchy, Kharg became the prince of Yewbell from his birth. At an early age the Nidelian monarchy was dissolved when Yewbell became a member state of The Republic Of Cathena, making Kharg a regular citizen. His mother, Nafia would often tell him stories about the wars of the old world and the creation of the Deimos. Kharg would eventually begin training with Lloyd in hopes to one day become a member of the Yewbell Defense Corps.

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