Game Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
Gender Male
Age 13
Weapon Bow & Arrow
Race Human
Voice Actor (JP) Chiyako Shibahara
Voice Actor (ENG) Danny Cooksey

Maru (Japanese: マル Maru), also known as Yumalnoh (Japanese: ユマルノ Yumaruno), is a recurring character in the Arc The Lad Series. He is a major protagonist in Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits and is the third member to join Kharg's Party. He is the king of Milmarna.

After his role in Kharg's story he is considered one of the heroes of the world and is also responsible for helping bring peace among the human and deimos races.

He is playable in Arc The Lad: End of Darkness as a Character Card.

Appearance Edit

Twilight of the Spirits

Maru is a short light skinned male with short ungroomed dark hair. He wears the Milmarnan crown around his neck at all times. His body tone is of the average teenage boy. It is obvious he has traveled a variety of places, due to his well traveled look.

He never wears a shirt and is always dressed in combat style pants. He wears a lot of bags and has many pockets to store items, possibly because he is an avid thief. He constantly wears a bow and a quiver of arrows as his main weapon and has a green handmade mask with him that he used to disguise himself as a Deimos to scare off kids in Chaos Forest.

End Of Darkness

In End of Darkness Maru is taller by a foot or so and is wearing a light green Milmarnan combat outfit. He still has his same green mask as before and his crown is still intact. However, he no longer readily carries his bow or any bags or pockets for provisions.

History Edit

Maru was born into Milmarnan royalty. Not much is known about his family other than his parents having died when he was young due to an unnamed and incurable disease. After the death of his parents, he was supposed to take over rule of Milmarna. However, he was kidnapped in a plot orchestrated by his Uncle in order to falsify his death and take his place as King of Milmarna. As a boy, after being kidnapped, it is assumed he traveled all over the world with his relative.

After sometime, Maru was separated from his relative and took refuge in the Chaos Forest located nearby Yewbell village. During his time in the Chaos Forest, Maru had to battle many dangerous creatures who roamed into the forest. This is believed to be where he developed his excellent marksman skills and also where he developed his fear of Slothians. He would also steal food from local Yewbell during this time, and would disguise himself as a "wild monkey monster" and worry the villagers.

Skills and Abilities Edit


Maru is an avid Marksman and his weapon of choice is the bow. As a result, his standard attack has the longest range out of the main playable characters, although it is quite narrow. Upgraded with the Silk Bowstring item, Maru’s range becomes wider, but also a little shorter. With his bow he can attack as many as four enemies in a single attack, if lined up properly. Maru has many offensive abilities, such as Binding Arrow which can hit multiple enemies at once and deal heavy damage along with status effects.

Maru has high speed which means he has a higher chance to attack an enemy first. His high speed can also be attributed to his slender physique. As a result of his combined speed, range of attack, and wide-range abilities, Maru can gain experience very quickly and level up to a point where he can take out hordes of enemies by himself.

Maru happens to be an experienced thief, and using his Steal ability in battle can help to obtain unique and powerful items.


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(In-battle dialogue)

“Touch me and you’ll be sorry.”

“I’ve been waiting!”

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