The Manual Of Style outlines the basic procedure that should be used when writing articles for the Arc The Lad Wiki.


Character Articles

  • Quote
  • Character infobox with necessary attributes.
  • Introduction section: (includes sex, race, family tree and any accomplishments/accolades.) followed by a 2-3 paragraph summation of their biography.
  • Appearance and Personality: The descriptive physical attributes of the character along with their personality traits, 2 - 3 paragraphs long.
  • Biography: A descriptive long-form biography of the character.
  • Skills: A basic description of a characters usefulness in battle (for playable characters) and a brief explanation of their skill sets.
  • Abilities: A list of the characters in game abilities with short descriptions.
  • Relationships: For major characters, a list of notable relationships with other characters.
  • Trivia
  • Other Links
  • References