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The First Battle is the first chapter of Arc The Lad:Twilight Of The Spirits and is khargh's first chapter.

Walkthrough Edit


The game opens up with a FMV cutscene showing a girl playing a mysterious instrument who is on the run from a giant battleship.

Another FMV cutscene is shown entering Yewbell, where we see both Kharg and Lloyd in a sword fight Kharg uses a power strike and defeats Llyod.

Paulette congratulates Kharg, A quick conversation about Llyod retiring from the Defense Corps ensues when Banjo comes up the hill and asks for Lloyd.

First BattleEdit

The player is now given freedom so walk over to Banjo and talk to him. He tells Kharg about a suspicious looking old man he saw on the Scrappe Plateau he asks Kharg to go check it out. Llyod then gives Kharg 200G for equipment and Paulette joins the party. Paulette reminds Kharg that he has to speak with his mother Nafia before leaving.

The player is once again given freedom. We should immediately head to Nafia's house that is the building directly behind you after Banjo leaves. When Kharg and Paulette enter the house Nafia is not home however, Kharg hears a strange voice. Now enter the back room and interact with the shining stone on the bookshelf.

The Spirit of the Wind will reveal itself and speak to Kharg. Another FMV cutscene will play showing Kharg as a child and Nafia telling him a story about the Ark and the creation of the Deimos. Leave the room and talk to Paulette, Kharg will tell her about the spirit after that conversation the player is free to leave.

We should next head to the item shop in the center of the city. It is recommended you purchase a Stone Coating from the weapon parts and equip it on Kharg it will give him a slight increase in attack and leave Paulette alone for now. Next head over to the refinery by taking a left turn down the stairs Butch will be standing in front of the door. He says he is concerned about Banjo who is running late and asks Kharg to go find him. Head back to the shop and talk with Banjo who is standing in the back corner of the shop and he will give you a Knuckle Guard equip it on Kharg for now.

We should now leave Yewbell and head to Scarappe Plateau on to the north on the map. When we enter Scarppe Plateau we see an man who is surrounded by Suskle Squirrels he cries for help when Kharg comes in to rescue him.

Our first battle begins as we face six Suskle Squirrels. Luckily Suskle Squirrels are not very dangerous so we can defeat the easily enough just using our basic attacks if your health gets too low use Paulette's first aid to heal. After the squirrels are killed the battle will end the old man will introduce himself as an explorer named Zev he will ask kharg about his birthmark after this sequence we can head back to Yewbell.

Setting OutEdit

When we return to Yewbell head back to Nafia's house when we enter Kharg will hear Llyod and Nafia talking about Deimos. Head over and talk to Nafia, Kharg will tell Llyod about Zev and Llyod will mention how Spirit Stone miners on the Plumb Canyon were attacked Kharg then will speak with Nafia who seems quite uncomfortable.

Next head over to the refinery when we enter Banjo will talk to Kharg and Paulette. Kharg asks about how many Spirit Stones are left over and a discussion over the energy crisis in Yewbell ensues after the conversation we are free to leave.

After we climb the stairs a cutscene will begin of Llyod carrying a wounded soldier named Morth into Yewbell he was wounded in Plumb Canyon. Morth is brought back to Nafia's house where his wounds are treated. Nafia and Llyod return from the back room. They tell Kharg about Morth's condition. After which Nafia tells Kharg that he can't go to Plumb Canyon.

After we leave head to the center of Yewbell where Llyod and the Defense Corps are getting ready to leave to Plumb Canyon. Kharg will speak to Llyod but Llyod tells Khargh that he cannot go along with them to Plumb Canyon Kharg suspects his mother is the reason why. Llyod tells Kharg to stay in Yewbell and protect the city.

After the scene we are given freedom again. Head back to Nafia's house and go into the back room and speak with Morth who is looking out the window. Kharg asks Morth about what Nafia's behavior he says Nafia reacted strangely when Llyod told her that Drakyr attacked.

When we leave the house someone will be knocking loudly on the gate. When Khargh goes over he realizes the person knocking was Zev. He asks Kharg to open the gate because he is trying to enter Yewbell to relax after his travels. After the scene head over in front of the tavern in the little alcove beside the tavern speak to the Young Gang Leader he will ask Kharg to talk to Duncan and ask for permission to play in the castle ruins after a wild monkey monster has been stealing food. Go in the tavern and talk to Duncan sitting at the desk and ask about the castle ruins Kharg will tell Duncan he can get rid of the wild monkey monster and Duncan gives him the gate key. Head back over and use the key to open the gate Zev will come in and head to the tavern now we can go through the castle ruins and leave Yewbell.

Off to Plumb CanyonEdit