Game Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
Gender Male
Age 27
Weapon Axe
Race Lupine (Deimos)
Voice Actor (JP) Kinryuu Arimoto
Voice Actor (ENG) Steve Blum

Volk (Japanese: ヴォルク) is a recurring character in the Arc The Lad Series. He is a member of Darc's Party during  Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits.


Volk first appeared in Garagne Hills after having fought Lloyd and Paulette, swearing vengeance as he retreats for having lost his wife and son. He then made his way to Orcoth, where he wiped out the arena combatants and was challenged by Darc after refusing to serve him, as he will only serve the "Alpha of his Pack". He is swiftly defeated by Darc who asks him why he fights. He explains that his sole goal is to wipe out all humans, which Darc tells him is pointless and will only lead to his death. Darc then again offers him a chance to join him in uniting the Deimos and wiping out the humans together, a proposition to which Volk gladly agrees.