Warning: This article contains SPOILERS

Windalf is a deimos drakyl, Nafia's  lover and Kharg's and Darc's father. He is a minor character in Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits.

Personality and TraitsEdit



Windalf appears to be a kind and caring Deimos who does not discriminate against humans. He cared well for his son (as shown by how Darc remembers him with fondness and even built him a tomb) and wished for peacefull co-existance with the humans. He was considerd extreamly strong by his fellow deimos.


Windalf met and fell in love with Nafia. The two had twin children (Kharg and Darc). This however was taboo and they were chased until the two were seperated. Windalf was critically injured from the attack, preventing him from going after Nafia. He went on to raise Darc unsure if Nafia and Kharg survived. He died from the injuries sustained from the Drakyl hunting them. Before his passing he passed on his half of the windstone to Darc who he told to save the Deimos with his last breath.


Nafia and Windalf running from the Darkyl


Darc helping his father, Windalf walk