Yewbell (イヴェル) is a city in Ragnoth.

History Edit

Yewbell was established by the Nidelian Monarchy led by Nafia Nidellia. The exact conditions that led to Yebell's settlement remain unclear however, it is suggested that a territorial war was waged during its foundation. Eventually the Nidelian Monarchy was ended when Yewbell became an official ally of The Republic of Cathena and Nafia the Nidellian delegate.

Yewbell had developed a reliance on Spirit Stones as their main source of energy. Due to a shortage of the Spirit Stone supply from nearby locations Yewbell had entered an energy crisis. With the shortage of Spirit Stones, Yewbell also found itself in several conflicts with Deimos at nearby mines.

After the end of the Human-Deimos conflict Yewbell began to accept Deimos into their borders and established a Hunter's Guild which brought an end to the long-standing Yewbell Defense Corps.

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